Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Body Repair Gel

Body Repair Gel

  • with silicic-acid gel and aloe vera
  • regeneration and grooming for the skin
  • especially for irritated skin, e.g. after sun-bathing or shaving
  • cosmetic

Hydration and care, even for sensitive skin

ALOE VERA BODY REPAIR GEL is a special cosmetic treatment which has been scientifically proven to assist in skin regeneration. It repairs, restores and soothes damaged and irritated skin, for example due to sunburn or after shaving, and leaves skin feeling comfortable.

The aloe vera gel in the product regenerates skin cells, moisturises and gently soothes. The pure silicic acid gel calms and cools irritated skin and reduces inflammation.

ALOE VERA BODY REPAIR GEL does not contain fats or emulsifiers and is therefore ideal for allergic and sensitive skin. The gel has a pleasant, delicate fragrance as it is applied to the skin and is absorbed immediately.

Active ingredients:

Pure silicic acid gel calms and cools. Aloe vera gel provides intensive hydration and care. As ALOE VERA BODY REPAIR GEL is free from fats or emulsifiers, it is also ideal for allergic and sensitive skin types.


For face and body. Apply a thin, even layer to the affected skin areas after showering or bathing. Any reddening of the skin which may occur will not affect the action of the product and should disappear quickly. The gel is highly effective and can therefore be used sparingly.

Pack size:


Free from: fats • emulsifiers