Lip Balm

  • doubly certified by NATRUE and BDIH*
  • special protection for herpes-sensitive lips
  • natural cosmetics



Silicea Lip Balm as preventive care to strengthen the natural skin barrier of herpes-sensitive lips.

The balm offers special protection for herpes-sensitive lips when used daily during a symptom-free interval.

Spectrum of active ingredients:

Silicea Lip Balm was especially developed for skin types that are prone to oral herpes. The calming effect of melissa and lavender is ideal for protecting and caring for lips during times without blisters.

Valuable ingredients such as organic sunflower oil, organic sesame oil and organic jojoba oil help to moisten the skin and support it during regeneration.

Shea butter offers optimal care for dry, irritated and chapped lips. Shea butter replenishes lipids and calms the skin.

Silicea Lip Balm has a sun protection factor of 6.

Silicea Lip Balm provides immediate relief for chapped lips and relaxes the skin. Efficacy and skin tolerance are tested dermatologically**

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Our guarantee for your natural beauty:

• Natural and organic ingredients
• Gentle manufacturing process
• Environmentally-friendly practices

Free from: synthetic fragrances or colouringspetrochemicalssilicone oils or
derivatives • genetically modified ingredients (on the basis of EU regulations)
 • irradiation of end products or plant-derived ingredients


Apply Silicea Lip Balm to the lips several times a day between acute phases. Due to its nurturing properties, the product is also outstanding for skin types unaffected by oral herpes.

Pack size:


*Federal Association of German Industries and Trading Companies (German standard for natural cosmetics)
**Application test performed on 20 subjects according to dermatological-clinical criteria.