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BASIS BALANCE<sup>®</sup> Bath


  • with double certification by BDIH* and NATRUE
  • bath additive
  • with valuable bamboo salt, blue salt and sea salt
  • to neutralise the skin
  • cosmetic

NOW available as a natural cosmetic!

BASIS BALANCE® BAD contains natural salts. It was developed and certified according to NATRUE and BDIH’s requirements for natural cosmetics.

Due to the alkaline mineral mixture of bamboo salt and blue salt, the pH value of the bathwater is raised and excess acid in the skin can be drawn out more easily. The sea salt supports this process due to its mineral content.

Via the alkaline mineral salts and sea salt, BASIS BALANCE® Bad promotes a feeling of well-being and supports the natural equalising function of the skin.

Soothing mineral baths
The soothing, regenerating effect of warm mineral baths has been recognised since ancient times. Due to the alkaline mineral mixture, the pH value of the bathwater is raised, making it more alkaline. Excess acids in the skin can be drawn out more easily. The mineral-rich sea salt supports this process due to its mineral content.
For a full bath, add 3 rounded tablespoons (approx. 60 g) of alkaline bath salts under the flow of running water.
Rinse the bathtub after use!
Duration: The duration of your bath should be approximately 30 minutes. The hotter the bath water, the greater the effect. The full relaxing effect occurs 15 to 30 minutes after your bath.

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Our guarantee for your natural beauty:
  • all natural organic ingredients
  • a gentle production process
  • environmentally friendly methods
  • free from synthetic fragrances or colourants
  • free from petroleum-based ingredients
  • free from silicone oil or derivatives
  • free from genetically modified ingredients (according to EU regulations)
  • free from irradiation of end-products or botanical ingredients
Package size:
600 g


*Federal Association of German Industries and Trading Companies (German standard for natural cosmetics)