Lactose intolerance? Enjoy dairy products to your heart's content!

Milk and its products are among the healthiest foods that we know. Many people, however, suffer from lactose intolerance. It is caused by the inability of the small intestine to form lactase in sufficient quantity. However, simply by using this enzyme, the milk sugar, lactose, can be properly digested. Fortunately, the lack of ability to produce lactase is no longer a problem today. But it often takes some time before lactose intolerance is detected and eliminated with lactase. The diagnosis of lactose intolerance is often not made in time, as with Lara R. This little girl has, like as much as 20 percent of the population in Europe and the US, lactose intolerance.

When the colon rebels

In childhood Lara increasingly suffered from abdominal cramps, diarrhoea and constipation. In addition to nausea, heartburn and occasional headaches, dizziness, difficulties with sleep and concentration are the typical symptoms of lactose intolerance. Once a doctor had tested the girl, the suspicion was confirmed: Lara could not tolerate milk sugar.

Sacrifices in everyday life

For people with lactose intolerance, it is almost impossible to eat a lactose-free diet at parties, in restaurants and while travelling, and at home conventional foods usually have to be replaced with expensive lactose-free products. Vegetarians in particular, who eat dairy products instead of meat, have a hard time with managing their diet. Children suffer still more, because while friends are eating ice cream, cake, candy and cream sauces, they have to refrain from those foods.

Enjoyment thanks to lactase

Lara's mother was relieved when she heard the good news: Anyone can enjoy cream, milk, ice cream and all other products from the large dairy range to their heart's content despite lactose intolerance. What matters is to compensate the lack of lactase in the small intestine and thus to ensure controlled lactose elimination. When Lara's mother recently came across lactase sachets in the health food store, mother and daughter were at last able to enjoy life without worrying. The powder in them can pass with the first bite to the tongue or the food, without adding any liquid. Spontaneous visits to restaurants or cream cakes with relatives are now no longer a problem.