Healthy and active with noni, the fruit of life in the South Seas

Noni is a wild fruit from the South Pacific, where it has been valued for 2000 years as a gentle and versatile natural remedy. The juice of this "fruit of life" is used to strengthen the body and mind, but also to normalise the metabolism, relieve pain and alleviate mood swings. To healthy people, Noni brings more vitality in everyday life, a more resilient nervous constitution, increased stamina, greater ability to concentrate and greater performance and it is much appreciated as a daily tonic.

More than 60 health-beneficial ingredients of noni are known. In addition to many enzymes, the exotic fruit contains a high concentration of the two main ingredients proxeronine and serotonin. Proxeronine supports vital metabolic processes. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that controls our perception of pain, need for sleep and emotional states.

The active ingredients of Noni support cell regeneration, act as antioxidants and have a positive effect on the intestinal flora, thereby strengthening the immune system. They also have fungicidal, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects – to name just a few of the qualities attributed to this exotic fruit. The beneficial effects of Noni have been confirmed by observational studies of the American physician Dr. Neil Solomon.

To obtain the valuable substances of this fruit, and thus to ensure its biological activity, the entire cultivating and manufacturing process must be managed very carefully. The noni fruit should be processed immediately after picking. The juice should not contain any preservatives or even artificial flavours, as only then will the original vitality of the magic fruit be optimally retained. Therefore, care should be taken that the noni juice also contains 100 percent noni fruit from controlled biological cultivation, and so bears the organic label.