BASIS BALANCE<sup>®</sup>

Magnesium Gel

  • with double certification by BDIH and Natrue
  • innovative mineral gel
  • 100% natural
  • for muscle tension
  • cosmetics


Magnesium 2.0 – regenerating and relaxing

The cosmetic mineral gel, like magnesium oil is made from naturally pure magnesium chloride from the Zechstein Sea, dissolved in water, plus a gelling agent. BASIS BALANCE® Magnesium Gel is especially suited to support athletic fitness massages when muscles are tense, and relaxation massages as well.

  • ideal for supporting deep-penetrating massages when muscles are tense
  • especially suited for relaxation after strenuous activity
  • promotes skin care
  • contains approx. 31 % natural magnesium chloride – the original from the Zechstein Sea
  • the gel enables targeted application
  • simple to use and only a small amount is needed
  • no preservatives
  • certified natural product

Purity from the Zechstein Sea

One of the purest sources of magnesium chloride is found underground: dried-up primordial seas, untouched by contemporary environmental contaminants. In this context, the Zechstein Sea is one of the most well-known ancient seas. 250 million years ago, it reached from England over the Netherlands and Germany to Russia. Today, the minerals that were left behind after the lake dried up are found in different subterranean layers. The valuable natural magnesium chloride is encountered at around 1500 meters under the earth's surface and turns into magnesium oil with the addition of water.

This naturally extracted solution is unusual in that it is ready for use and can be applied directly. It is neither reduced, supplemented nor chemically purified. Only products bearing the Zechstein logo also contain this unique magnesium chloride.

Our guarantee for your natural beauty

  • all natural organic ingredients
  • a gentle production process
  • environmentally friendly methods
  • free from synthetic fragrances or colourants
  • free from petroleum-based ingredients
  • free from silicone oil or derivatives
  • free from genetically modified ingredients (according to EU regulations)
  • free from irradiation of end-products or botanical ingredients

Local application

BASIS BALANCE® Magnesium Gel is a mineral gel with many uses. It can be used for skincare and support in massages to relieve muscle tension. And it’s also ideal before and after sports, to ease strained muscle groups. It gives both an invigorating and relaxing feeling. Apply the mineral gel directly to the skin and rub it in softly. If needed, it can also be applied several times a day. After about 10–15 minutes, the amount not yet absorbed can be washed off with clear water. We recommend using a hazelnut-sized portion (average of 3 g) per use (equal to around 233 mg pure magnesium).

Packaging size

150 ml


Avoid contact with eyes, mucous membranes and open sores. Do not apply to freshly shaved skin. Keep out of reach of small children. People with particularly sensitive skin might feel a slight tingling or a warm sensation.


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