Dry Eye

Dry Eye

Liposomal Eye Spray

  • moisturizes eyes and eyelids
  • stabilizes the lipid layer of the tear liquid
  • spray onto the closed eye
  • medical device


Dry eyes are an extremely common problem for many individuals whilst working, driving or flying. A disruption of the lipid layer is usually the cause. DRY EYE LIPOSOMAL EYE SPRAY improves and stabilises the lipid film using plant-based lipids from soy lecithin, reducing the excessive evaporation of tear fluid. DRY EYE SPRAY is clinically proven and easy to use. The spray stabilises the lipid layer of the tear film and regulates and improves the moisturising of the eye surface and eyelids. 


Spray onto closed eyelids just 3 to 4 times a day.

Medical device

Pack size:

10 ml

vegetarian • vegan