ORGANIC Unsweetened Blueberry Whole Fruit Juice

ORGANIC Unsweetened Blueberry Whole Fruit

  • fruity blueberries         
  • all parts of the fruit suitable for consumption are blended together
  • no alcohol
  • food

Fruity blueberries, finely ground – for the connoisseur of pure fruit delight.

The greatest care is taken at every step of the process, from the selection of the fruits to their gentle processing, and extensive quality checks ensure that all valuable nutrients are retained to bring you top quality and maximum delight. The health benefits are based on long-established experience passed down through generations. The elemental forces of tried and tested homemade remedies can frequently be rediscovered in our everyday foods.
All parts of the fruit suitable for consumption are carefully blended together, such as peel, flesh, juice and seeds:
  • natural fruit fibre (cellulose, pectin) is retained
  • especially important: the bioactive phytochemicals (e.g. tannins) whose health benefits have only recently been “discovered”

For further information on our manufacturing process, please click on the link:
Donath production process

Recommended intake

Either spoon or drink straight up: mixed with juice, milk, soya drinks or water. Enjoy as a delicious snack between meals in yoghurt and quark or as a muesli topping – or in hot tea or warm milk.

Pack size

500 ml


From EU Agriculture / From Non-EU Agriculture

Free from: gluten • lactose
Suitable for: vegan • vegetarian