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Herbal Tea

  • powdered tea infusion which dissolves quickly
  • practical portion sachets
  • delicious and warming during the colder seasons

Tannenblut®Herbal Tea contains a blend of tried and tested herbs such as marshmallow, fennel, sage and thyme. Tannenblut® Herbal Tea is a powdered tea which dissolves easily in water, making it simple to prepare a delicious herbal infusion.

Recommended intake

Pour the contents of 1 portion sachet (3 g) into a cup, add 100-200 ml of hot water and sweeten to taste with sugar, honey or candied sugar. Even children love Tannenblut® Herbal Tea thanks to its pleasant flavour.

Pack size

30 portion sachets

Free from: gluten • lactose • milk protein • egg • soy
vegetarian • vegan