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Black cumin

Black cumin oil capsules

Black cumin oil capsules

  • with 6 valuable vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • stimulates the immune system especially in case of hay fever
  • food supplement

Black cumin seeds (latin name Nigella sativa semen) have been highly prized in the Orient for over two thousand years. As the oil in black cumin seeds has been found to contain around 100 different valuable substances, black cumin is also attracting a great deal of attention in the Western world. Black cumin oil contains a high level of unsaturated fatty acids. Over 50% of these fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids, in particular, linoleic acid.

Only high quality oil obtained from the sun-drenched regions of the Middle East is used to produce black cumin oil capsules. Vitamins essential to the body’s metabolism increase the nutritional value of the capsules.


Just one capsule a day, swallowed with plenty of liquid and taken at any mealtime, is a valuable nutritional addition to the diet. Up to 3 capsules a day can be taken where the daily requirement is higher.

Pack size:

30 and 90 capsules

Free from: gluten • lactose • milk protein • egg