Nasal Balsam Mild

  • humidifies and cares the nasal mucosa
  • when suffering from nasal congestion, e.g. with colds
  • dry indoor air
  • medical device

Tannenblut® Nasal Balsam Mild is used to sooth and moisturise the delicate mucous membranes, for example for a blocked nose (head colds) or when the air indoors is too dry.

Tannenblut® Nasal Balsam Mild contains sea salt. Dexpanthenol and almond oil provide a soothing, caring action.

The nasal balsam forms a hydrating protective film on the nasal mucosa. Inhaled pollutants such as dirt particles, allergens, bacteria and viruses are carried off much faster. The nasal passages are opened.


Adults and children over 6 years: rub a roughly 1 cm long strip of balsam into each nostril several times a day as required.

Pack size

10 g