Lacto direct

Lacto direct

Lacto Direct 9,000 FCC*

  • lactase
  • in case of lactose intolerance
  • convenient sachets
  • food supplement

When milk products are causing problems …

… then you will usually notice signs and symptoms immediately after eating or drinking them. Some of the unpleasant consequences can be heartburn, bloating or intestinal cramps, diarrhoea or a rumbling tummy. Children in particular can suffer from nausea and vomiting. Headaches, dizziness, disturbed sleep and difficulty concentrating are some of the other symptoms which can also occur. Symptoms usually last for as long as the food containing the lactose remains in the intestine.

Your body reacts so sensitively …

… if you are lactose intolerant. This means that your body lacks the enzyme lactase, which breaks down lactose and is responsible for splitting and processing lactose during the digestive process. Instead of being split to provide the body with critical energy, the lactose ferments in the intestine. This causes the symptoms which you are experiencing.

Lactose intolerance

Lactose is split by the lactase enzyme in the small intestine. Lactase production in the body is extremely high during the first two years of life, however, it can continuously drop as we get older. If the body does not produce the required level of lactase, then digestive problems will occur after consuming meals containing lactose.

LACTO DIRECT is an easy way to add the required level of lactase to your diet.
LACTO DIRECT makes it possible to enjoy milk products without the problems.

  • high dose – 9,000 FCC*
  • practical sachet – handy to carry with you
  • can be taken directly – even without water


Sprinkle LACTO DIRECT onto the tongue just before eating (with the first drink or bite). It is not necessary to drink water along with it.

The powder can also be sprinkled straight onto meals containing lactose, however it must not be sprinkled onto hot food. The amount of lactase required for digestion will depend on the body’s own lactase production and on the lactose content of the food.

One LACTO DIRECT portion sachet contains 9,000 FCC* of lactase and can split around 30 –50 g of lactose; *units according to Food Chemical Codex

Dietary food for special dietary requirements in the case of lactose intolerances (intolerance to milk sugar) as part of a dietary plan.

Pack size:

30 sachets

Free from: gluten • lactose • milk protein • egg • soy
vegetarian • vegan