bite away®

bite away

Healing of bites and stings

  • easy to use
  • patented medical product
  • dermatologically tested
  • up to 300 applications with one set of batteries
  • made in Germany

Quick and effective against insect bites

Insect bites and stings from mosquitoes, wasps, horseflies, and other pests are almost unavoidable in summer – but their effects are. bite away® can provide relief from all itchy or painful bites and stings. bite away® is easy and quick to use: Place the ceramic contact surface over the sting or bite and press one of the two buttons (three seconds for sensitive people / six seconds for regular use). The temperature of the ceramic plate quickly rises to about 51°C and maintained for the selected time.

Chemical-free treatment of insect bites

bite away® works solely with concentrated heat, without any chemical agents, making it suitable for use by pregnant women, allergy sufferers, and children*.

Insect bites? No problem!

Whether swimming, hiking or other outdoor activities: bite away® can be used anywhere, which makes the immediate treatment of insect bites possible, even when you are out and about. The handy pen-sized format makes it possible to carry the bite away® in your pocket.



Reduced intensity of the level of itching before treatment, at two, five, and ten minutes after treatment with bite away®. Measured according to a visual analogue scale**.

* Can be used independently from 12 years ** Study Müller et al. 2011