Healthy living – our vision

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Our intention

Our company's aim to help our fellow human beings with effective health products has spanned several generations of employees and many stages of the company's development.

Our purpose

We respect tradition - and are inspired by innovation

Every product that HÜBNER creates is exclusive, distinctive and unique. The synergy between competent product development, observed tradition and a desire for innovation puts HÜBNER in the ideal position to create unique products.


Black Forest

Our consumers

We respect nature - and fulfil our responsibility to our customers

Our products originate from nature's recipe combined with pharmaceutical know-how, German precision and a respect for partners and the environment. HÜBNER stands for premium products of the highest quality. We do not just want to satisfy our partners; we want to inspire them!


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Our employees

We have a love for detail – and promote passion for the whole

Our experienced, long-serving employees are our most valuable asset. Their love for detail helps to create the extraordinary. Their passion for the health product market allows them to keep a perspective. Their market and product competence is unbeatable. Our employees attend regular training sessions: this helps to support each member of staff and ensures that company procedures run smoothly. This investment pays off - HÜBNER's employees are both highly motivated and highly qualified.

Our partners and suppliers

We respect our customers and suppliers - they are our focal point

HÜBNER always thinks and acts from the point of view of the customer. Amongst other things, through our work with integrated modern systems, we stand for reliable, customer-specific supply availability and logistics; our suppliers also play a key role in achieving this. Our vision for the future sees a fair cooperation throughout the whole chain of production: from the supply of raw materials to the products reaching the customer.


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Our future

We live in the here and now - but we don't lose track of the future!

Besides good intentions and the actions that result from these, changes accompany our business. In the rapidly changing health markets we are working to create an active future concept. Together with the management and employees, we have developed a future vision and come up with clear strategic goals. We are living this vision. Our procedures are efficient; this is the only way to ensure that decisions are applied in a consistent and target-orientated manner.


Healthy Living

Our claim

Our credo: - "Healthy Living"

We are a leading, traditional manufacturer of effective health products. We see it as our duty to promote health, prevent illness and support people during their recuperation through our products. With our continuous development of innovative and high-quality products, we are making a key contribution to the increasingly significant global health market. Our mission statement "Healthy Living" is applied and lived daily by the employees, the management and the company directors.