Gesund durch alle Jahreszeiten

Staying healthy all year round

Every season has its own special characteristics.
And so it is that nature has the best remedies for
many of our health needs.

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“Strong immune system with beta-glucans” here.



Discover the key to natural beauty with:

  • valuable organic wild rose oil
  • nutruring organic shea butter
  • rich organic jojoba oil

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Gesundheit aus dem Schwarzwald

Health from the Black Forest

For Hübner, this means over 75 years of tradition in creating high quality natural medicines, valuable nutritional supplements, tried and tested medical products and cosmetics, all harnessing the natural power of plants.

Find out more about the
origins and tradition of Hübner.

75 Jahre jung

75 years young, naturally and healthy

For over 75 years, we have been making our original
Black Forest Tannenblut® from the young and tender
shoots of pine trees.

Find out more about Tannenblut®, the product
linked most deeply to our tradition, here.

    Latest: 06.03.2014

    NEW from HÜBNER: Königin Öl Natural Cosmetic BEAUTY Fluid Rose Royale

    Leave the stresses of your daily routine behind and enjoy the sensual fragrance of wild roses. Pamper your skin with valuable organic wild rose oil, nurturing Shea butter and rich jojoba oil.


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    Latest: 25.10.2013

    New Ideas for Recipes

    Here are some new recipe ideas for Donath Whole-Fruit products:

    Try the tasty "Mango Coconut Dream" dessert and be a big hit at your next party.
    Or brighten up those grey, rainy days with a fruity "Hi-Bi-Ba Smoothie".

    Thanks to Petra Westmeier from Freiburg for sending us these recipes!



    Latest: 16.07.2013

    Donation for flood victims

    The heavy floods in 2013 caused considerable damage in many parts of Germany.


    Tens of thousands of people in the states of Bavaria, Saxony, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony had to evacuate their homes, flats and shops. Also, some health food stores were not spared from the water and had to temporarily leave their business. In order to protect the existence of these health food stores and help in the rebuilding of the shops, HÜBNER gives the affected a hand with a donation and thus hopes to make a small contribution to the reconstruction.


    The HÜBNER team wishes all concerned a lot of strength in this difficult time!