Staying healthy all year round

Every season has its own special characteristics.
And so it is that nature has the best remedies for
many of our health needs.

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“Strong immune system with beta-glucans” here.

Health from the Black Forest

For Hübner, this means over 75 years of tradition in creating high quality natural medicines, valuable nutritional supplements, tried and tested medical products and cosmetics, all harnessing the natural power of plants.

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origins and tradition of Hübner.

New: Organic Chia Seed Oil



more about our new product:

  • pure organic chia seed oil
  • high proportion of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • from organic agriculture


Naturpark Südschwarzwald - planting 140 new trees

For long time HÜBNER's concern was preserving the unique landscape of the Black Forest.
Cooperatively Naturpark Südschwarzwald and HÜBNER supported the municipality Schonach.

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"Blühender Naturpark Südschwarzwald"


    Latest: 30.01.2016

    Congratulations on the 30-year anniversary - Vitalsil

    tl_files/huebner_vital/img/EN/Vitalsil-huebner.pngOur partner "Vitalsil" from Portugal, was founded on 30th January 1986 and works together with HÜBNER since then. Today the successful company has listed almost all products by HÜBNER in the range. To revel in memories, we picked out some old and new folding boxes from Portugal.


    Original silicea Balsam 1986 - 2016
    Venenkraft Tonikum 1986 - 2016
    Venenkraft Dragées 1986 - 2016
    Tannenblut D 1986 - 2016


    The HÜBNER team congratulates the 30 year anniversary and looks forward to many more years together!

    Latest: 26.01.2016

    80th anniversary

    This year we are celebrating our 80th anniversary!

    Read more about our company history and the origin of HÜBNER here!




    Latest: 26.01.2016

    NEW: Organic Chia Seed Oil

    The vegan Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids contained in the organic Chia Seed Oil are 3 times more concentrated than the oils found in Chia Seeds.

    Chia seeds were used by the Maya as a highly nutritious source of energy 4,000 years ago. For this ancient civilisation, they were an essential supplement to their basic nutrition, which they believed gave them both physical and psychological strength. The word “chia” can therefore also be translated as “strength”. Today, chia is known not only for its natural mineral, vitamin and protein content, but also for its high omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content, which gives this species of salvia superfood status. Organic chia seed oil contains these valuable fatty acids in a very concentrated form, thereby offering unique added value.